HCA CAREs (Connecting And Remembering Experiences with you) is an initiative founded on the premise that grief is universal to all, yet unique to each of us who experiences it. For some, the journey seems somewhat easier. For others, the path is full of ups and downs. There is nothing in the books that tells us that an anticipated death due to an illness – which may have allowed us some preparation time – is any less painful than one that happened suddenly and unexpectedly.

Grief Has No Timeline

Because we are all united in the experience of losing a loved one, we stand in solidarity with you in your bereavement.

Sunflower Remembrance Day

HCA started its first Sunflower Remembrance Day in 2004 to support bereaved caregivers and families in their journey of healing from their loss. The memorial event is secular to cater to families from all walks of life. It is also a platform for families to reconnect with staff who had previously cared for their loved ones. To date, over 50 in-person and 3 virtual Sunflower Remembrance Day events have been held, reaching out to over 1000 bereaved families.

Star PALS Remembrance Day

Star PALS Remembrance Day is held annually in the memory of deceased children and youths under the service. The event brings families together to celebrate the continuing bonds and love for their child and grieve as a community.

Families gather to write letters of comfort for other bereaved families, share inspirational stories of love and lessons learned, and immerse in other remembrance activities.

Sunflower Remembrance Day and Star PALS Remembrance Day are currently open to bereaved families of HCA beneficiaries to facilitate a safe and supportive environment for those who had experienced a loss. If you would like to find out more, or support the event in any way possible, please email us at [email protected].